10 Instagram accounts to follow for crafts and activities while schools are closed

A number of helpful Instagram accounts can help parents navigate a new homeschool environment amid the coronavirus outbreak.

More than 2 million US students are home due to coronavirus-related school closings, which has suddenly thrusted parents into the role of homeschool director without much warning or preparation.

For parents who are also working from home, this new role can be especially daunting. 

A number of museums, zoos, and education groups are offering online resources to help keep children busy. Parents can also turn to experts on Instagram who have made careers out of sharing their crafts, activities, and lessons with their followers. 

Check out the 10 accounts below, managed by teachers, parents, and others for ways to keep your child learning, and away from screens — at least for a little while.


Sergei Urban, a London-based father, whose account is called thedadlab, posts DIY science experiments and art projects on his Instagram account. 



Instagram account steamkidschallenge posts weekly science, tech, language, art, and math activities for children. From handmade stamps for playdough to easy-to-make robots, this account can keep even the most curious child entertained. 



Susie Allison, AKA busytoddler, literacy and math activities. The former teacher focuses primarily on projects geared for the younger set — toddlers up to children who are about 7. 



Toddler and preschool teacher Sheryl Cooper offers fun and colorful projects on her page, teaching2and3yearolds. Projects include DIY birdfeeders and making collages with common household materials. 



Paper plates, colored paper, and popsicle sticks are all parents need to do the array of projects available on iheartcraftythings, which is run by a craft designer. 



Parents can turn to crafty account blastasticday for famous-art-inspired projects that use common household materials like paper bags, string, and toilet paper rolls.  



Fourth-grade teacher Melissa Spiegelman’s account, momma_teaching, focuses on interactive STEAM — science, engineering, art, and math — activities, which she does with her two daughters. 



The mother behind momducator, a play-based homeschooling account, uses natural materials like leaves and sticks to teach children about topics like botany, the seasons, and music. 



The mom of four who runs the raisingdragons4 account also shares STEAM activities that parents can do with everyday household objects. One activity is creating a sensory bag out of hair gel and another is honing fine motor skills using rice and a water bottle. 



Instagram account curiositysprouts is a great source for creative learning activities. The Irish family behind the account posts art, math, and science projects they keep busy with daily.