Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Learning Experience from Disney Imagineers

Walt Disney offers a free online program called Imagineering in a Box, where children can learn theme park design and engineering.

With kids out of school, parents are looking for creative ways to keep their children entertained without leaving the house. Fortunately, there are all sorts of educational activities your family can take advantage of without breaking any social distancing protocols. 

One of Disney’s latest offerings, ‘Imagineering in a Box’ is sure to keep older kids entertained for days (and teach them some great skills along the way!) 

“With some many families at home right now, we thought this would be an especially useful time to share this program with you,” said Josh Corin, creative development executive with Walt Disney Imagineering, in a blog post.

To develop Imagineering in a Box, Disney partnered with Khan Academy, which has been offering online educational resources for students since 2008. The free Imagineering course features 32 videos that showcase real Imagineers from around the world sharing their skills and passions. 

Disney is dedicated to fostering a love of learning in today’s kids and ‘Imagineering in a Box’ has something for everyone. Whether your tween or teen is interested in story development,  conceptual design, or STEM subjects like math and engineering, they will be excited by these modules. 

Throughout the curriculum, students will discover how Disney Imagineers bring the immersive experiences that only Disney Parks offer to life, from concept to reality. 

The Imagineering in a Box videos cover everything from an overview of engineering software to interactive, hands-on projects that can be done without leaving the house. The program was specifically developed to help kids relate the Disney stories they already love to the skills they’re introduced to in each module. 

One of the best parts of this Imagineering for kids course is that older children and parents can tackle the classes together. At the end of the program, you’ll have a new appreciation for Disney theme park design, character development, and attraction engineering. 

This Disney educational program does not list a recommended age, so use your discretion and your child’s ability level. Each module is scalable for use at home or in a traditional classroom.

To check out the program, visit khanacademy.org.