How to make Cress Heads

Making these cute Cress Egg Heads is a really cool way to introduce the concept of food growing from seeds to our children. You can do this activity all year round, and as it only requires a small area of your windowsill it is something everyone can do. Children will love these eggshells with living cress ‘hair’.

To make cress heads, you will need:

  • A packet of cress seeds
  • Some eggshells
  • Cotton wool
  • Water


1. Carefully remove the tops from the eggs, leaving the bottom two-thirds of the shells intact. Empty the shells (save the eggs for another time), then carefully wash them out.

2. Decorate the shells with pens or paint, then leave them to dry.

3. Dip the cotton wool balls in a little water, squeezing off any excess.

4. Place 1 ball inside each shell, then sprinkle 1 tsp cress seeds onto each one. Set the filled shells in eggcups and leave in a dry, well-lit place for a week – a windowsill is perfect.

Your cress will start to grow within a few days, perfect for making egg & cress sarnies!