Mini Lid Banjos

Make some mini banjos from old jar lids and loom bands with a craft stick handle. This is a fun stem or steam craft for kids and the finished miniature banjo is so adorable!

Once finished, your mini banjo’s loom band strings make a very soft strumming sound (which parents might prefer).

How to make a mini lid banjo

You will need:

• Jumbo craft sticks – one per banjo
• Loom Bands – four per banjo
• Washi tape
• Duct tape
• Sequins
• Craft glue

How to:

Place four loom bands over the lid and secure in place with a pice of duct tape as shown (I did try hot glue gun for a more seamless finish but the loom bands melted and snapped as soon as they touched the hot glue)

Next cut the end from your jumbo craft stick and decorate it with a washi tape pattern.

Now attach the lid with loom bands in place to the craft stick with a second piece of duct tape.

Finally use small dabs of craft glue to stick on your sequins, or alternatively use plastic gems or a marker to draw the little tuning knobs on the end of your banjo handle.